Monday, November 26, 2012

Ornament Designs

This year I tried two new ornament designs: a penguin, and a dog bone with “woof” on it. I have this beautiful brown stoneware clay, and I am trying to use it up, so that’s what they are made of.

Vicki Wenderlich holiday ornaments penguin and woof bone

I realized my egg penguin sculptures translated really well to 2D, and would be a simple, fun ornament design. And I’ve always wanted to use this dog bone shape (I need a cookie cutter, but this is just a little wood piece I traced around). I finally indulged my longing for metal type stamps, so I bought a set of those.

Both of these were fired three times. Once for bisque, once for glaze, and another glaze firing because I wasn’t happy with the results. The “woof” on the bones had been glazed in a shino, but it went transparent in the cone 6 firing. So I added a white cone 06 Axner glaze/overglaze on top that I got at NCECA three years ago in a little squeezable bottle – it worked great for getting just in the lines and made it pretty easy.

As for the penguins, they suffered from the same glaze problem as their 3D cousins – so I added black and orange to bring out their eyes and beaks.

I mostly made the ornaments because I wanted something inexpensive to sell at the holiday show here in Massanutten, and keep my hands in clay even though I didn’t have much time for it. They have been a hit, so that made me happy! You can’t really make much of a profit on ornaments, but it feels good to have something sell.

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    soooooooooo cute!

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