Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Studio Overhaul Update

The studio owner (yes, it’s my mom) has decided not to rip up all the floors after all. The reason: concrete is COLD (I know, news flash). What’s down there now is Pergo wood laminate flooring, and we were removing it because one corner is prone to water seepage from outside when it is rainy. The water gets into the floor insulation, and the soggy conditions were making the floor warp. And, as we found out when we ripped up the rotten boards, it encouraged lots of mold. We decided to rip up the rotten/wet/moldy area as well as a foot or so around it.

Removing the wood laminate was not as easy as I’d hoped when we got to the non-rotten sections. This meant I got to break out the circular saw and impress my mom. I must have gotten my love of power tools from my dad. I cut the wood evenly and we took out the rest of the boards, the insulation layer, and the plastic covering the concrete.

My mom wants the concrete painted eventually after we let it dry and see if it stays that way. I have realized that I have a blind spot when it comes to the aesthetics of either a work in progress (be it ceramics or a vegetarian stew) or functional things, like the floor. I see either the finished product in my head, or the function, and that makes it beautiful to me. Give me a concrete floor over a white carpet any day.

After some finishing touches, I will be moving my shelving and studio equipment back, but in a better configuration than before. I am committed to making the workflow better, and keeping the studio clean and neat–which means arranging the storage/shelving in ways that make it easy for me to do so. My mom has given the flooring up as lost and will refinish the room when my studio eventually moves, so I can stop worrying about messing it up and treat it like the clay studio flooring it is!

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