Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Free Desktop/iPhone/iPad April Wallpaper: Zebra!

Here’s my new desktop wallpaper for April:

Now that I have a new iPad, I love tweaking my wallpapers for the iPad and iPhone Home screens. The iPhone one has no calendar (made it too cluttered), so it’s just a zebra. It makes me happy every time I look at it.

You can check out all the desktop resolutions, iPad/iPhone versions, and versions without the calendar over at my design blog.

I didn’t take any screenshots as I was working, because this wallpaper went all over the place. I knew I wanted my zebra to be black-stripes-only, so that the white part of the zebra was transparent and the background showed through. I also knew I wanted the month to be done the same way: the shape of the letters being defined by partial stripes.

Once I made my zebra and month, though, I experimented with everything under the sun. Gradients, safari shapes and colors, all kinds of stuff. Nothing made me happy. I realized perhaps I was getting too complicated – that’s a common mistake I make.

I decided to go for a graphic design feel rather than an illustrative one. Simple shapes, representing a cloud and showers (my sister got that right away, but my husband did not. Can’t please everybody!). A quietly textured background.

To me the finished work feels like a narrative – every time I see it, my mind spins stories and leaps into emotions. That’s how I knew it was finished. I feel like there’s some potential in this direction… a bit abstract, but (as always) with animals. Something to explore!

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