Monday, February 27, 2012


Today was so beautiful, I drove over to the golf course to take a walk. Apparently this young deer had the same idea. It was alone, which seemed to make her less fearful than when in a group.

Since she was going my way, I pretended nonchalance and kept walking until we were close. Then, of course, I pulled out the camera. She eyed me warily but tried to ignore me.

I could almost hear her thinking “If I ignore her, she’ll go away.”

She found out that doesn’t work on me. She still tried to brush me off, saying I was making her late for her afternoon nibbles at the clover patch. I pretended not to speak Deer.

Finally she let me take her picture.

What a beautiful girl :] I thanked her and stopped importuning her. We both strolled on to enjoy the sunshine.

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  1. gary rith says:

    totally sweet face!

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